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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rebuilt-condition copier?

A ‘modefately used’ copier that undergoes a complete rebuilding process – a system of replacing all wearable parts, rebuilding of assemblies, steam and power cleaning of all panels and a rigorous testing and final inspection.  The final product is a copier that contains over 100 new parts, has been meticulously cleaned and tested, meets the manufacturer’s new product and reliability specifications and has been approved by factory-trained copier technicians.  These units are also sod with a full warranty.

Do your copier come with a warranty ?

Yes, all of our copiers are sold with a full warranty.

How much does it cost to ship a copier to my location ?

Shipping is included in the purchases price of the copier as long as you are located within Klang Valley, is van and/or lorry accessible, and on a 1st floor or in a building with an elevator (you will confirm this during checkout).

Why do your rebuilt-condition copiers sell for less than remanufactured copier ?

These copiers are in excellent shape when they arrive at our refurbishment facility.  Since we do not need to replace major parts and spend long service hours on these units (as we do for remanufactured copiers) we can keep the price at lowest point possible without sacrificing quality.

How much money can I save by purchasing one of your used copiers ?

Our reconditioned copiers sell for, on average of 70% – 80 % or less than a new copier.

How do I rent and own the copier ?

Our services allow you to rent a copier and own a copier, inclusive of free toner, spare parts and maintenance throughout the whole contract period.  Also, you can also enjoy 100% full deductions of Rental Charge from taxable income (income tax) through our Malaysia Existing Tax Laws.  Upon expiry of contract period, you have the option to purchase it at norminal sum or your security deposit will be fully refunded.

What other business services do you offer ?

We also sell our remanufactured/refurbished machines at heavily discounted prices.  We have numerous remanufactured/refurbished machines for sale. Others rentals are also available.  We can accommodate large size meetings with various type of office automations.

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